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Title: Betfair Extras Chat

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Published Date: 23/04/2008

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Author: Betfair

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Extras Chat is a Firefox add-on which combines the popular Betfair Extras project with instant messaging technology to give users the ability to communicate with each other all from within Firefox.

Using Betfair Extras Chat

Once installed you can log-in by simply signing into the main Betfair website or by signing into Betfair Labs. If you are already signed into the main Betfair webpage then you can refresh the page to log into Betfair Chat. Note, you will need to have a forum name setup in order to be able to log in to chat.

Chat is added as a panel onto the Firefox window itself and also adds a new menu to Firefox entitled ‘Betfair Extras’. From here you can enable/disable chat, hide/show the chat panel (F6), join the Labs Chat and Chit Chat rooms, change the alerting options and toggle whether you auto-join rooms when navigating to a market.

In order to join sport chat rooms you will need to navigate to a market for your desired sport (e.g. Barclay’s Premiership – Winner 2007/2008 to join Soccer). Having auto-join enabled in the settings menu automatically joins you into the sports room for that market otherwise you can click on the Chat Icon icon in the market to join the chat room. It is possible to join multiple chat rooms at the same time, they will be displayed as different tabs in the chat panel.

Currently chat messages support formatted text (Bold, Italic, Underline) and the standard Betfair emoticons found in the forums.
Chat still continues to run when hidden (F6). You can choose to be alerted on incoming messages in two ways, pop-up alerts and taskbar alerts. Pop-up alerts are shown as little pop-ups above your taskbar. They are only shown when the chat panel is hidden. Taskbar alerts on the other hand are only shown when your Firefox window hosting chat is not in focus.

Betfair Extras Chat keeps all of the existing features of Betfair Extras.


Terms and Conditions

Use of any product or service offered via is governed by Betfair's standard Terms & Conditions (accessible on the site). The products and services presented at these sites are undergoing beta testing and as such are offered AS IS. These products and services are primarily focused on new ways for customers to interact with our technology. Any product or service may be withdrawn without notice.

If you have a complaint about any part of our product or service, please e-mail Betfair directly

To install...

Remember this only works with Firefox so assuming this is set as your default browser you should be able to simply click and install directly from the download link below.


Please note: The download may be stopped by a pop-up blocker. Please disable any pop-up blockers you may have installed to enable you to download this product.

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