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Title: Firefox Toolbar

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Published Date: 07/04/2009

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Author: Betfair

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The toolbar has several features:

  • Navigation menu for Betfair sites
  • Fast links drop down menu
  • In-play today drop down menu
  • Closing soon markets drop down menu
  • Login functionality
  • Google Calendar event reminders

What is a FireFox Extension?

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To install...

If you have Firefox as your default browser then you should be able to click on it, and install it. If you have IE as your default browser, save the xpi file locally. If the saved file has anything other than a .xpi extension (such as ending in .zip), rename the file to have .xpi suffix as the file extension. Finally, open up Firefox, and then click on File -> Open File to open the xpi file.

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22:59 01/04/2010 BST   
Hello Labs, Is a quite good standard tool bar with basic functions and really smart categorized events. i think that the video tab and/or betfair radio shouldn't be missing and an option of language selection would ideal upon installation of the the tool bar. i think the Event Alert is not practical and essential.Un managed markets could be added among the live games. Overall it is a good effort. :)

01:15 18/02/2010 GMT   
Brilliant work...i just love the Fast Links - it makes life so much easier. Thank you!

00:14 23/09/2009 BST   
Nice work. Here is my suggestions: - customize fast links, as stated by other users - customize toolbar (view/hide single controls) - an extra menu listing open bets/markets for quick switch would be wonderful...

09:58 07/05/2009 BST   
I'd like also to be able to choose the option of automatically connect to my Betfair account.

09:56 07/05/2009 BST   
Unfortunately, there is no quick access to "My Markets" and there is no way to customize the toolbar with my preferences. For example, if I'm only interested in soccer, I need to scroll down between all the sports that I will never be interested about.

17:18 17/01/2009 GMT   
Hello Labrats, nice work with the toolbar! I have a suggestion though, which might help things a bit: give us some options to set the eventTypes we are interested in in the fast links area. For example, I mainly tend to watch football and tennis, while my wife likes horse racing. I would want my favoured event types to be at the top of the list rather than having to scroll through event types I'm just not interested in to get to them. Nice work though guys, wish I had thought of it!

   Perky Lab Rat
09:23 04/07/2008 BST   
A new version of Firefox Toolbar v1.20 is now available. It fixes the recent bug of sports names not being available in the fast links menu.

   Perky Lab Rat
11:28 23/06/2008 BST   
I'm pleased to announce Firefox Toolbar v1.19 (for Firefox 3) is now live. If you already have the toolbar, then please update it (Tools Add-ons Find updates). If not, then you can download it from this page. Cheers.